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Naruto smiled, turning to see his girlfriend. Yes, Hinata was his girlfriend. His own, personal girlfriend. And he was her boyfriend. That word seemed weird to him. He, Naruto Uzumaki, was somebody’s boyfriend. Not just somebody, though. He pulled her into a hug, pressing her against him, breathing her in. He couldn’t do it for as long as he would’ve like.

Naruto and hinata dating fanfiction

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Wiki Links; Fanart Archives; Fanfiction Archives Fans have speculated that Naruto and Hinata did not begin dating until after they.

Naruto dating gameHinata animemangalover Loading Unsubscribe from animemangalover99? Hinata, freust du dich schon auf euren Kampf? Hinata schrickt auf, total berrascht, dass Naruto sie anspricht, und errtet sofort. Notice how Naruto never really voiced his doubts aloud to anyone at that point in the story. Noticed how Naruto was able to trust Hinata enough to express his insecurities.

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When Himawari and Boruto are born he wears the apron to make their favorites just to see them smile. His favorite little taste testers. I hope you enjoy it! Keep reading. One-Shot 15 Read on ff x.

Hinata date Naruto, Sasuke date Sakura, but what will happen Fanfiction Naruto Read Epiloque from the story Fake boyfriend/Fake girlfriend by narutobeliveit.

Eventually, the meek and mild girl who admired Naruto from afar became the love of his life — though many fans never would have imagined that possible during their early interactions. Naruto was often the subject of village disdain. As a baby, his body was used as the vessel to trap a demon terrorizing the Hidden Leaf Village. The villagers, despite initially being forbidden to talk about it, treated him differently as a result.

The only one to support him through the entire run of the series was Hinata, a fellow ninja in training. Instead, she admired his commitment to training: no matter how many mistakes he made he always continued on in his missions. She looked to find a way to stand up for herself the same way Naruto did.

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There are many! And if anyone has additions, please let us know! Seventy-two of you wonderful people voted in the polls, and here are your winners! I just want to express how happy I am to see all this support! I asked and you guys stepped up to bat in a big way. There were a lot of close calls, some surprising upsets, and a fantastic finish.

Spiritual level naruto hinata dating fanfiction. Vous trouverez donc ici une Fanfiction en cour d’criture sur le Manga Naruto fanfichinatanaruto.

Profile Navigation floput. Fairy Tale. Naruhina fanfiction. RTN fanarts. Naruhina comics. Ask character. Naruto funny stuff. Naruhina fanfiction Birds and Bees:NaruHina. Jealousy-ch 15 J. Each tick grew slower as though time were slowing down. We walked down various of streets before turning onto a street with many little stores. The whole street was lit up with people walking up and down the side walk.

hinata is queen — HMQ’s NaruHina fanfic masterpost 4.5/?

Being with Hinata was still so new. After realising his love for her, Naruto was very rarely not by her side. He relished it, she relished it. They were both incredibly happy.

Oneshot series exploring the day to day life of Naruto and Hinata post-The Last. Headcanons about them dating, living together and starting a family. Chapter 5.

During the written exams, Hinata sees Naruto struggling to complete his test. She offered her own test as a cheating source, but before he responded to her, Naruto pondered if her offer was a trick set by Kiba Inuzuka , her teammate. Realizing Hinata would never do something like that, Naruto nearly agrees, though he does ask her why she would let him cheat off her paper. In reply, Hinata shyly states that it would be nice for all of the nine rookie ninja to stay together.

Naruto smiled, and was about to cheat off her test, only to stop himself at the last moment, as he saw the instructor watching him. Finally, Naruto decided not to cheat off her paper, and told Hinata the reason for him refusing was not only would he get in trouble, but she would as well. Blushing, Hinata thinks to herself, ” He does care.

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Eighteen-year-old Hinata panted as sweat dripped down her forehead. She had been training for 2 hours straight. She pulled out a kunai and shot it towards a tree in front of her. Smiling a bit, she saw the kunai immediately going through the tree trunk, piercing through 4 other trees before it stopped. Hinata sighed and relaxed her chakra. She picked up all her weapons and looked at the damage she had caused.

Naruto Meets Hinata, Shino, and Kiba After 2 Years. Show less Show more. Transcript. Up next. Autoplay. When autoplay is enabled.

If you haven’t finished reading the manga or watching the anime you may not want to read this unless you don’t mind spoilers. This is going to be a series of moments between Naruto and Hinata taking place after The Last: Naruto the Movie and their wedding. You’re free to go and do enjoy your next two weeks of R and R. Naruto could you please wait a moment. Good, I thought it was just me. He thinks to himself as they make their way down the stairs, their shoulders almost brushing against each other.

The only girl I ever walk this close to is Sakura, I wonder if she’s comfortable with this. Naruto glances sideways, a lump forms in his throat at the sight of the soft smile covering Hinatas face. I was just thinking since it’s cold out we could go sit and talk instead of walking around since you aren’t really dressed for it, ya know. I should know him better than that!

Even if my time spent with him has been short, I know he’s not that kind of man. She thinks to herself.

Naruto x Hinata

Each drabble will be posted in parts, and each drabble with take place in the same universe. So the entire collection of drabbles is called Uzumaki Adventures. The first drabble in the collection is called Dating and is about Naruto and Hinata’s adorable first date.

So when he thinks Naruto asked her out for a date, of course he’s going to be outraged. ‘If you ever even as so talk to my Hinata again, I’ll slit.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto and neither do you. Unless your name happens to be Masashi Kishimoto. In which case, you rock. So there. From a certain angle, it looks more like a glorified bowling game. Why are they doing this?


Hey everyone! Sorry this took so long to post! My subscription to Microsoft word ran out half way through a chapter. Anyways I am really happy with the way this story is turning out! Only 3 chapters and almost two hundred reviews. However I posted a chapter to Sunflowers a few weeks back and I only got a minimal amount of reviews… I was very disappointed.

Located: Naruto > Yaoi – Male/Male > Naruto/Sasuke. The burglary at Of course Mother Nature is here to mess up his date with his boyfriend. God, he hates.

Section titles are from this poem. Happy reading! Every day is a game that starts the moment Naruto wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. It gives him a reason to toss aside his thin comforter, barely enough to keep him warm from the winter chill seeping through the cracking walls of his apartment, get dressed, and leap out the door to face the day. The door slams shut behind him like jaws snapping closed. He runs from the teeth within and chases the watery light of the sun out into the open streets.

People are much more likely to hurry to their destinations, wrap themselves up more tightly, and stay shut inside. The streets are quieter, emptier. There are less people to engage in, less people to try to get a reaction out of.

Naruhina Fanfiction

So, a woman looking at hinata dating asuma, she was. Again, naruto takes hinata hyuga and hinata from the end and hinata walked out demonstrative there awkwardly as something that seemed to notice. Cerebus rollercoaster: fiction t – women looking at first date with temari being naked. Because naruto and there’s only wait so happy to boost hinata’s role in the last movie. Naruto and hinata dating fanfiction Story about naruto just thought she loves him.

“A gift for Hinata huh? Are you guys dating?” “Not yet Sasuke, I plan on it although.” Naruto was excited about what would happen. “Alright then.

Naruto could not forgive that. This night was not so different until a small welcome home awaits him. Why does Naruto care so much about it? When their son asks for a story, what does the Rokudaime have up his sleeve? Baby lets out a mewling sound, and one of its tiny hands is gripping his finger. The possibility of her dying leaves him shaking out of fear and concern for her.

Hinata Cheats On Naruto?!? (Plot Twist)

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