Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix

Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix
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Дата релиза: 2016-11-17

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Текст песни:

Love is in Bloom
A beautiful bride
A handsome groom
Two hearts becoming one
A bond that cannot be undone

Because love is in bloom
A beautiful bride, a handsome groom
I said, love is in bloom
Starting a life and making room for us

Love is in bloom
More than a feeling
faithful and true
A connection lasting forever
A force holding two hearts together

Lemme tell ya about love, lemme tell it just right.
Coming up from above, call it love at first sight.
Lights up a smile fills you up with delight,
Gets a little too high when two ponies unite
It's like riding a bike but without the peddle
Evil-doers try to mess it up and meddle.
But you settle 'em down, give a little to share --
Before you know it baby there's love in the air
Ponies care about the weight that accompanies their mate.
They salivate affection and they soon graduate
Towards the feeling of love, they don't bother to hate.
You better tell 'em how you feel now before it's too late
Then you'll find yourself blank, down to reminisce
About how ya both met and then shared your first kiss.
Some people hiss at this and start huffing and puffing,
I tell 'em to stop derping out and I give 'em a muffin.
Did I stutter? Look, here's some conveyance
You heart needs swing and a little bit of Cadence
You need some cheer, spread it peer to peer
Keep your lover near and they will wipe every tear
No fear when you got a bride and groom.
No imminent doom or very intimate gloom.
You may think love is fake, well you're free to assume --
Let there never be hate because love is in bloom

Клип Aviators - Love is in Bloom Remix (Feat. Yelling At Cats and Hmage)
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