David Tavare feat. Ruth - Call me baby If you dont know my name

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Текст песни:

Hey, are we going out
of course, no doubt
lets celebrate the disco night
and while my friends
pick another dance
an angel fly down from the sky

Where I saw her face?
never in this place
maybe it was a fashion magazine
Shes a movie star?
or a beauty queen?
sweet darling tell me who you are.

If you dont know my name
you can call me baby
(my baby)
If you dont know my name
you can call me baby
(you could be my baby)

No, no I never thought
someone like you
could ever come into my life
youre my love supreme
an exiting dream
an angel standing by my side

I want you to stay
never go away
our love will stand the test of time
cause from now on
til my life is gone
youll be the owner of my heart

Клип David Tavare Feat. Ruth - 2009 - Call Me Baby (If You Don't Know My Name) (HD)
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