хемлок гроув - Make Me a Bird and I will Fly TooHemlock Grove

хемлок гроув - Make Me a Bird and I will Fly Too(Hemlock Grove)
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Дата релиза: 2016-10-14

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I told her "thank you" she said "that's it"
I got real nervous she kissed my lips
And in that moment I swore she was all mine
We got to talking and she began to compliment me
Said that she likes the way i sing and perhaps she could help me
But I was caught up in the pain behind her eyes
She said make me a bird Ill fly away
Beyond the confines of the sick, sick game
I said make me a bird and Ill fly too
Dont care where just want to spend some time with you
A little time with you
Just a blue eyed boy and a green eyed girl
Under the brightest moon of the whole damn year and
I thought Id wake up to find this

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