Modern Talking - My Baby Stupid

Modern Talking - My Baby Stupid
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I don't call it love
Come take me in your heart
Oh, I can't get enough
I know, we will never part
We are the nightbirds my baby
Nightbirds will never stop
Oh, you're playing with fire
Lost in my desire
Baby you're so ho-ho-ho-ho-hot

My bed is too big (Ah)
Too big without you, baby
I wanna have your body (Yeah)
Come gimme what you've got (Sex)
My bed is too big (Ah)
Too big without you - Lady
I wanna have no heartache
Come hit me with your shot

In a world of stone
Love's never been the same
I hate to be alone
I'm tired of playing games
You like coctails at midnight
Diamonds and silver a lot
Oh you're a woman behind me
Oh set my heart free
Baby you're so ho-ho-ho-ho-hot

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