Roots Manuva - No Love

Roots Manuva - No Love
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Дата релиза: 2016-10-29

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Текст песни:

We're gonna do it like
We're gonna do it like we're supposed to do it

Don't nobody got no love Smith
There ain't no peace there ain't no justice
And it seems like much over muchness
But right now I really couldn't care much less (repeat 2x)

I'm the lost, the found,
the good penny, the bad pound,
Getting me down?
That's the reason for me dancin'
I shake my tush to the pictures and the music
Immune to the decadence, I found some meaning
Place I've been in, slapping the demons,
Cleansin' the evens, lies enter St. Stephen's
Rhyme with no reason, son of the 5th season
Soon as I'm on the case, soon as I'm leaving,
I was an outlaw, long-time looney
Black jaws crooning, moody in the midnight
15 tablets, check my prescription
I seen these shrinks and they say I'm to pristine (he pronounces it like "pristin")
I said I'm too sta-quo (I'm thinking he's abbreviating "status quo" here but not 100 sure)
with a government health risk
See my Trojan with the luminous piss


Wayward son of a Johnson
No Charlie, no Bronson
Steady we on some
Lookin' to lump sum
Pull up a gumption
Thanks for your function
There ain't no assumption
She said me no son, please bring the lotion
For good body touching with the good body motion
Bitter or habitual
Flinging my bling-bling
This my inkling,
to walk with the in-thing
Outernational ghetto hoo-rah
Big time passion, splash the hoopla
Cigars on push bikes, first-class flights
First-class trains, people look at me strange
They don't know my name but they know my pain
Cause I'm the dude in the corner getting steadily caned


As the Hip-hop Holy Ghost touches my spirit
I'm spiritually uplifted, that's what the spirit did
And now I'm known and I'm prone to the feeling of having a butt-f*** if I still wanna go steal it
Rap life, you shoulda taught me better
From the very first day when I very first met ya
I seen the trends, the fads and the phases,
The ho ho's, the poor- it's abused walk to the stages
The sound of fear made me feel more conscious
Tuned up my mind to the system designed, but
Those were the days, the era of "yester"
Now the whole scene's progressed to pimps and OG's
Now I'm the fogey kickin the bogey,
With nothing in between and no place for me
Yes I'll take to the trends and split the cliches
I'm a pimpernel man, UVA,
Defender of the sofa and ((can't make out what he's saying here sounds like "soda"?? LOL idk))
Cause no...


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